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Some handy items for completing your project.


Insulated plastic "Trituner" tool.  One end has hex for 10-32 cores used in our newer products.  Other end has a nice ceramic screwdriver bit for variable capacitors and 6-32 coil slugs as in some i-f transformers.   Click on picture to see detailed view.   $6.00


Rugged aluminum & brass tool with square tip for tall red and blue coils in our crystal controlled exciters and receivers.  $6.00      Note:  Most products use coils with a hex slot, and A1 tool is for such hex slotted slugs.

A28_Tool.JPG (5779 bytes)


Premium type plug with right angle cable clamp for termination of shields. Designed specifically for rf use with RG­174/u and similar cables. $2.00

A6 Coax Cable.

RG-174/u MIL grade coaxial cable.   This is the thin style cable used for short runs from pc board to rear panel of a cabinet and similar applications.  2 ft/$2.00 or 10ft/$5.00 

Note: Cable and plugs are sold separately.   Photo shows how plug is installed, but cables are not sold preassembled.  Click on photo to see enlarged view of plug unassembled.  Solder the center terminal and simply crimp the clamp over the shield.   (Do not solder the shield to avoid melting the insulation.)

Click on photo to see plug unassembled.

Click here for assembly instructions.

A18 Feedthrough Filter.

Pi-section low-pass filter, combining feed through capacitor and ferrite bead in one package. Far better than plain feed through capacitor for decoupling rf from lines going in/out of rf tight boxes for repeaters, etc. 50dB minimum attenuation from 100-1000 MHz. With 8-32 nut and lock washer. $5.50

Note: You can view data sheet here.


A40 115Vac-12Vdc Adapter.

Plugs into wall outlet and provides 12Vdc filtered (but not regulated) at up to 200 mA. These are suitable to power our receiver modules or any 12Vdc equipment which has on-board voltage regulator and requiring less than 200 mA current. Cable with pigtails can be soldered to a connector or directly to a module to be powered. (Ship wt. 1 lb.) $10.00

A40_dcadapter.jpg (19387 bytes)

A95 Solid State Relay.

Relay to use with R122 Receiver, TD-2 DTMF Controller, and other applications.  Switches 115-240Vac up to 10Amp.  Input 5-24Vdc @7mA.  Requires heatsinking to switch over 5Amp continuously; so we provide some heatsink compound with it to use under base of relay to provide good heatsinking to a metal cabinet.   $29.50.

A96 Slug-tuned Coils.

5 each 2-1/2 turn and 6-1/2 turn coil as used in our kits. 
6-1/2 turn blue coil good for frequencies up to 100 MHz.  2-1/2 turn red coil good for frequencies up to 300 MHz. Stock up for future projects.  Also source of spare tuning slugs for other coils.  Use with A28 alignment tool.  Sorry, shields are not available.   ....$3.00

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