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Customer Comments

We get some wonderful notes back from customers, and we appreciate the support. We would like to share them with you. If you have a story you think would be of interest to others, let us know and we'll include it here and in our next catalog.

Purely as an aside, I have many of your receivers and transmitters. One of the receivers was bought a very long time ago from you (can't recall exactly when, but probably in the mid to late eighties). Anyway, it has been on a hilltop for the entire time under somewhat poor environmental conditions running 24X7 without fail to this day. I always boast about your products to

my ham radio friends for this reason (and more).


I just wanted you to know that I'm really impressed with my new R-302 receiver. My 12 year old R-301 is an excellent receiver but the new R-302 pulls stations in loud and clear that were barely a whisper on my R-301. I don't believe there is any receiver out there that can top this one. It seems that you guys took receiver sensitivity to the theoretical limits.  ...J.B., Tannersville PA

We we have had great success using your R901 receiver to receive the City News Service (of Los Angeles). The 956 MHZ channel they use is only 15 KHZ above a packet radio network used by hospitals all over Los Angeles County. Before placing the R901 in service, our previous City News receivers were hammered by strong interference from all points of the compass. We tried many scanners and commercial receivers using highly directional antennas. No other receiver could provide usable reception in this environment. Using the R901, our news department has for two years had flawless reception of this important news service. We could not do this without the R901.

I built your UHF crystal exciter and UHF receiver and they work GREAT! I am very pleased with the performance of each module. I am building a split site 6M repeater using most of your modules. Thanks for your help. ...Roger Myers, N9JHQ, Elkhart IN

The 440 and 220 transmitter and receiver boards we purchased from you years ago are still in operation today and have been working at 100% the whole time. They are totally reliable and even working under some harsh weather conditions. The crystal heaters we installed in one location on the receiver boards keeps the frequency rock solid. The downtown repeater site has two UHF receivers, one 220 receiver, the main 220 transmitter exciter board plus 10 watt amp - and they all perform flawlessly all the time. Even after years of use to this day, they have never stopped working or drifted off frequency. We are also using ID boards, timers boards and so forth on two remote receiver sites - and they are all as accurate as the day we installed them over ten years ago. Good engineering designs - good going! Thanks. ... Tom Mogan, AA6IP; Sacramento, CA

I bought an REP-200 from you in June 2002, and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with it. It worked perfectly when we turned it on, and it's worked perfectly ever since. We have adjusted the receive and transmitting freq. once, and the directions in the manual was easy to do and follow. Turning on and off different functions was also very easy to do and to follow. Just wanted to let you know we are very, very satisfied with the repeater and would recommend it to anybody. Thanks and 73's ... Tom (KA5BYL) and Bea (KC5OWL)

Just thought I'd let you know that our facility is now enjoying site-wide communications, provided by the REP-200/TX-RX duplexer system. My colleagues, who generally spend time with million-dollar nuclear physics detectors, were completely "wow-ed" by the performance of our new 411MHz repeater system, permitting above-and-below ground communications. We are now using this system as a flagship for future communication system upgrades (specifically for site-wide security). ... John Musson

I bought your R139 Sat receiver kit a few weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with it. I am getting beautiful pictures and having a lot of fun. It is a very educational hobby.... Jim Pesavento, KQ4RI

Dear Hamtronics: I received the 145 - 10m receive converter for use on satellite operations - works perfectly. If you ever get a call or letter asking if you can put your receive converter in line with a 2.4ghz - 145 MHz converter in front of your converter, the answer is - YES! Does a great job and allows me to use the better receiver and filtering capability of my Kenwood TS930 for working the AO-40 Satellite.... Pat, WX3J, San Angelo TX

I'm very impressed with the R301 receiver. Great selectivity (no adjacentchannel interference), excellent sensitivity (no white noise), andsurprisingly good audio quality. I'm very happy with its performance. Thanksfor recommending it....James Bade, Mount Pocono, PA

I'd like to add a few comments under "see what our customers say ". Our repeater has worked continuously since 1999 without one single stop. The receiver has outstanding filter characteristics. We're running 200 W output to 8 stacked dipoles, and have another 8 stacked dipoles for the receiver just below the TX-antennas and there is not one single uV loss in receiver sensitivity when the repeater transmits! We're running the whole system on a 12 Volt solar and wind power system. The repeater has worked perfectly in temperatures from -15C (5F) to + 40C (105F), as we don't have any heater on the remote hilltop. The coverage area of the repeater is outstanding. More info about the repeater on SM4OTI/W6OTI in Leksand, Sweden

Thanks for your prompt repair of this receiver. Another good reason to keep coming back to Hamtronics. By the way, the rcvr is excellent for sensitivity and IF selectivity. Haven't checked for front-end image rejection and de-sense, but expect it to be excellent, also. And you can quote me. ...John Harrington W5EME

It took some time, but the two meter machine is on the air with split antennae and two band-pass filters. I thank you for your prompt technical support several months ago, when I was working on the receiver. You may wish to see how I wired the HAMTRONICS RX and TX to a CAT-200B controller and a ComSpec TS-64 tone board. The wiring diagram is on my web-page. You may tell others about the web-site if you think it might help them..... 73 de Edward KA9LAY

Wow, I purchased a preamp (tuned to 161) and am totally thrilled with its performance! I set up a 'T' connector with the antenna so that amplified signal would go into one radio and non-amplified signals go into the other. It was crystal clear how much improvement the amp makes! ... Josh O.

I see now why so many have good things to say about your customer service! 73 and thanks!!... Jim W7RY

Wow! That's fast follow up. Thanks for the great customer service....Tom Seay

You make great kits. Extremely well built and engineered! I received the trimmer cap. yesterday and want to thank you and all of your efforts in providing outstanding products and services to the electronic community! I look forward to ordering more products from you and passing good praise to all potential customers about your company. Again many thanks!...Michael Perkins, Gaysville, Vermont

Thanks for the reply to my email. Out of all the Ham Radio companies that I have dealt with, Hamtronics has the quickest and most helpful customer support department! Keep up the good work!...Gabriel Cocco, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Preamp Does a great job on my 440 repeater. Improves receive sensitivity 3 to 6 db. Performance was more than I expected at a fraction of the cost of other choices. ...KI4ZP/R

When a person spends significant amounts of money for a repeater, that person might just get hardware and software. But technical support makes the difference between repeater vendors. The technical support we have received from you is far more valuable than the dollars we have spent for the hardware. I am very glad to have purchased our repeater from you. If any of your potential customers inquires about references, send them to me. Hamtronics can't be beat for service before or after the sale.... Bob Philbrook, KB9RNT, Freeport IL

This may sound cheesy, but I can't tell you how much your kits have changed my life! I still have and use the original COR-2 diode matrix id-er and my six meter transmit and receive strips from circa 1981. Later it was the tone decoder and the auto patch modules to really make the show play well. I learned an incredible amount from building your kits which carried me over into commercial two-way radio from ham radio. I received jobs just because of the ability to answer questions. I learned the answers to by making Hamtronics items. OK, enough smoke blowing... but it is the truth. I often send people your way and tell all the newbie types to jump in by building kits.... Skipp May, WV6F, Elmira CA

I have been operating my 2-meter REP-200T since January 2000 without a hic-up. It works flawlessly and is extremely reliable. There are two other so called repeaters in my area. The other two repeater owners have complemented me on how great the REP-200T operates. I keep telling theses guys that they should get rid of their Kenwood so called repeaters and get a real repeater like the REP-200T. The REP-200T hears very well and always puts out a clean 28 watts signal when called. I have nothing but high praise for the Hamtronics products and continue to sell other hams on the reliability and support that your company offers to the Amateur Radio community. I love my REP-200T. Thanks for making such a reliable and great operating REPEATER. By the way, I am NASA certified for soldering electronic circuits plus miniature surface mount components. The reason that I mention this is because the Hamtronics circuit boards in my 200T display excellent qualitywith the correct amount of solder applied to all areas. This tells me that Hamtronics cares about producing a quality product. ... Bill Abbott, WA5PPI

Thanks so much. These [manuals] should get us by very well. The little REP-100 has been 100% solid for years so it was not a problem that prompted my search, simply a mission to get documentation for all of the clubs repeaters. You have been most helpful and very responsive. Thanks again.... Mont O'Leary, Dallas TX

The REP-200 repeater is on the air the for south Los Angeles area! The Installation, Maintenance, & Operation Manual was a great help. I note the receiver to be much more sensitive than our old repeater receiver (VHF RX220C). The REP-200 Transmitter output was measured at 18.4 watts to an antenna with a 1.5 VSWR. We endorse your advertising claims.... Russ, W6VRF

I have personally put together over 40 of your fine kits with only minor finger burns. All the kits worked well. For years now I have been happy with your kits and service. ... Eric, KA3WUN

Just a quick note to let you know that the 145.19 repeater that we purchased from you in February has been running continuously for about 9 days in support of the command net at this [big forest] fire [near Los Alamos, NM]. Nary a whimper out of it even in the deep of the night. We have it powered by a 75 Watt solar panel into a deep cycle marine battery. More on this later.... BobSkaggs, KB5RX Read the whole story!

"I LOVE MY HAMTRONICS REPEATER!!!!!!!The REP-200 repeater two meter repeater that you built, for me in November 1999, is running flawlessly. I am impressed with the excellent audio and the reliable service that it is providing for our area of Texas. I am very happy with the REP-200 repeater, and I plan on buying a 70 cm repeater from you in the future. WA, Hondo TX

"I recently purchased three units in kit form: R144, TA451, and R451. Shipment on these units was made even sooner than I expected. Construction and performance were excellent. After nearly fifty years of designing, building, and working with electronic equipment, I can assure you, I am fully satisfied with these units and will be happy to recommend your products to anyone. I am enclosing an order for some additional equipment." IDB, Nashville TN

"I'd like to add that I enjoy building Hamtronics kits, as they are a perfect compromise between designing and building from scratch and buying assembled/tested equipment. Lastly, I would like to thank you for your speedy service on the last two orders." DH, Ottawa ONT Canada

"I want to tell you how thoroughly pleased I am with your products and service. The kit went together beautifully. I powered it up and aligned it carefully. Wow, was I surprised! This is the best VHF receiver I have ever seen. It hears' extremely well, the audio is clean, and the squelch characteristics are perfect for two-way communications. I hope that others know that the best, state-of-the-art equipment isn't always the most expensive. Many thanks to all of you who really did an outstanding job on the design of this receiver, and to those who back up the products with outstanding service." DSC, Granada Hills CA

I love the 2M repeater transmitter TA51 that I bought from you. It was easy to build. The CWID was also excellent and performs very well. I love it! The workmanship of the board was excel-lent. ...PJ, Piggot AR

I've had one of your REP-100 Repeaters for 18 years. It still works great. I've been very pleased with the service. Thanks... W.E., Guthrie KY

I am extremely happy with my exciter. Your circuit design and layout surpasses everything on the competitive market. ... LT, Simi Valley CA

Love your products! ...BW, Bassfield MS

A friend of mine built a repeater with your components and swears by them. ... HR, Cheboygan MI

The Autopatch is great and the DTMF is a fantastic board. Works as well as any I've seen. Congratulations and thanks. ... JM, Waynesboro GA

The TD-2 I got several years ago is still working flawlessly. ... DR, Hickory NC

All my Hamtronics equipment is still working fine and I am still very much satisfied with it. I am enclosing another order for more equipment. ... IDB, Nashville TN

Incidentally, our Hamtronics VHF 2M gear has been on the air now for almost 2 years without major problems and the club members are quite happy with its performance. .... DB, Gander NFLD Canada

I'm very satisfied with your last products. ... JCV, Argentina

Just completed LNW-144 Preamp. I am surprised at its size and pleased with its performance. Now I want an LNW-100. ... SW, Philadelphia PA

Please send 1 LNW-50 Preamp Kit. I recently installed one of your preamps in my Icom and we have already worked SC, NC, DE, MD, & GA on 144 MHz direct on SSB/CW. These preamps are a great improvement over original sensitivity of the transceiver. ... DT, San Juan PR

I'm happy to report that your LNG-160 preamp has indeed helped my overload problems. Not only has it helped with out-of-band interference but with gain as well. It's good to find a company whose product performs exactly as advertised. Your service is good, too! ... DS, Banner Elk NC

Just got your LNG preamp. It's great! I can hear handhelds where I couldn't hear 25W mobiles be-fore. I had a guy come in full quieting from 26 mi. away. Super preamp! .... JM, Waynesboro GA

"The receiver fired right up and exceeds specs. We are very pleased with the unit." JB, Leesburg VA

"There has always been a desire to increase the area served by the traffic reporter and improve the quality of the radio system in the KIIS traffic helicopter. We purchased the R451 Receiverand the rf tight box. For an antenna, I was using a 6" piece of wire sticking out of the rear connector. Wow! The helicopter was in the next county and was coming in as if it were overhead. The performance was far superior to that of our current receiver which had an antenna on the roof. The Hamtronics (also) exhibited a fuller low end, a crisper upper range, and far better overall clarity. It is a pleasure to acquire a piece of equipment which is well built and works right out of the box. ... Radio World Magazine Article, 10/88

Your equipment is super, and the service even better. Tnx again.

My only reason for writing to you is to compliment you for the way you handled my problem. It tells me that you are interested in making new customers. You should stay in business a long time. ... CS, Landsdale PA

The complete repeater and amplifier were easy to build. They have performed flawlessly for over four years. Perhaps of even more importance is that when I needed questions answered, you were always there ... not too common these days. ... JG, Lodi WI

Our club recently installed an REP-200 repeater and the results have been phenomenal! Everyone is very pleased with the improvement and new capabilities. ... Bob, W9RAN

Please keep up the good work designing and supplying the high quality kits and equipment. I've used it for years, and it's never let me down. You're always extremely helpful on the phone when a question does come. ...Doug, KM6OR