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Instruction Manuals

Here is a list of instruction manuals for our products.  PDF files can be downloaded for your convenience in evaluating products and troubleshooting.

Note that manuals change often for many reasons.  You should not feel your older product is not as good as the newer one you may see in a downloaded manual, and you should not make any changes to your older product based on information in these manuals.  There are many reasons for making design changes other than for performance.  Indeed, these manuals are a snapshot of what our products were as of the time these manuals were posted, and your product may even be newer in design than what you see posted here.  It is virtually impossible to keep these manuals up to date; so we can only hope to revise them when it is practical for us to do so.  Also, many of these products are old products which are no longer available.

Note that these PDF files are relatively large (up to 900K).  If you do not have broadband internet service, they can take considerable time to download.

Click to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it on your computer.

Index of Manuals.

A40 12Vdc Adapter
AP3 Autopatch
CA-(vhf) Receiving Converters
CC-(vhf) Receiving Converters
CC-432 uhf Receiving Converters
CC-432 Conv (after Nov 2007)
COR-2 Module
COR-3 Module
COR-4 Module
COR-4 Mod for Beacon Use
COR-5 Module (REP-200)
COR-6 Module
CWID Module, Programming Info
CWID Module Schematic
CWID-2 Module Instructions
DE-202 Data Demodulator
2400 Baud Mod for DE-202 and MO-202
DVR-1 Digital Voice Recorder
DVR-3 old style with 1020 ic
HRA Helical Resonator Amplifiers
LNG-28, LNG-50 Preamp
LNG-144, LNG-166, LNG-220 Preamp
LNG-450 Preamp
LNG-800 Preamp
LNK Preamp
LNK Rev A Preamp
LNK-WB (wideband) Preamp
LNP Preselector
LNP Preselector Rev A
LNW-144, LNW-160, LNW-220 Preamp
LNW-28, LNW-50, LNW-100 Preamp
LNW-450 Preamp
LNW-WB (wideband) Preamp
LNY Preamp
LNY-WB (wideband) Preamp
LPA2-15R (146MHz)
LPA3-15R (220MHz)
LPA 2-15R Linear Ampl for 144 & 220 MHz
MO-202 Data Modulator
2400 Baud Mod for MO-202
MO-96 9600 Baud Data Modem
OV-1 Crystal Oven
PF-1 Phantom Power Kit
R100 Receiver
9600 Baud Mod for R100, R451, R301, R304
R121 Aircraft Receiver
R122 Aircraft Receiver
R123 Runway Light Controller
R138 Receiver
R139 Rev B Receiver
R139 Rev C Receiver
R144 Receiver
R144 Receiver (old style)
R301 Receiver
R302 Receiver, made before Oct 2007
R302 Receiver, made after Oct 2007
R303 Receiver
R303-137 Weather Satellite Receiver
R304 Receiver
R305 Receiver
R306 Receiver
R307 Receiver
R313 Receiver
R317 Receiver
R451 Receiver
R901 Receiver
9600 Baud Mod for R901
REP-200 Repeater
REP-200N Repeater with No Controller
RWWV Receiver
RWX Receiver
T301 Exciter
T301 Rev F Exciter (surface mount version)
T302 Exciter
T304 Exciter
T304 Rev C Exciter (surface mount version)
T305 Exciter
T306 Data Exciter
T51 Exciter
TA51 Exciter (silver colored top)
TA51 Exciter Rev A (green colored top)
TA51 Very Old Version
TA451 Exciter
9600 Baud Mod for TA51 and TA451
TB901 Exciter
TD2 DTMF Decoder/Controller
TD-3 CTCSS Decoder
TD4 DTMF Decoder/Controller
TD5 CTCSS Encoder/Decoder
TD5 Wiring in REP-200 Repeater
Wag Aero Fly By Night Receiver (with R122)
XV2 Transmitting Converter
XV4 Transmitting Converter (note: large file)
Reminder:  If you don't see the product you need listed here, we do not have a manual available.  Only recent manuals which were originally produced on computer are available in any form.