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R123 Runway Light Controller


Features include:

  • Dip switch frequency selection, 25 kHz resolution. Easy dip switch chart on website.
  • Allows pilots to remotely control airport  lighting by keying microphone 3, 5, or 7 times

The R123 Aviation Receiver is our third generation, commercial-grade, receiver used by many hundreds of small airports and heliports to control runway lights.  Like the R122 before it, the R123 has an improved carrier detection system.   An update from our popular R122 Receiver, the R123 has enhanced adjacent channel selectivity, sensitivity, and frequency stability.   It is truly a premium-grade design.

The R123 is ideal for operation at small airports to provide pilot control of lighting.  It builds on proven frequency synthesized receiver technology Hamtronics® vhf and uhf fm repeater receivers have been noted for.  On board squelch adjustment control sets signal strength threshold for carrier detection.  The R123 has a microcontroller to run the frequency synthesizer and to monitor the squelch to determine what is happening on the air. 

  • Runway lights may be controlled in varying intensities by keying the microphone 3, 5, or 7 times in a 5-second period.
  • Lights remain on for a period of time, usually 15 minutes.
  • Three open-collector switching transistors able to sink up to 50 mA to ground on circuits up to 15Vdc.  Used to turn on solid state relays to control runway lights.
  • Front panel LED indicates when carrier is detected.
  • Second LED indicates when lights have been activated at any intensity.
  • Switch selected option can be set to allow changes to lights after the inital turn on.


  • Frequency range: 118-137 MHz overall possible, with 120-132.775MHz standard.  (Higher or lower frequencies available on request.)
  • Channel spacing: 25 kHz. Frequency set with dip switch; (repeaking coils required for freq change more than 2 MHz)
  • Squelch (carrier detection) sensitivity: adjustable 0.3 - 2.0 µV
  • 12 dB sinad: 0.3 µV
  • Adjacent channel selectivity: >100 dB
  • Image rejection: 60-70 dB (at +900kHz)
  • Temperature stability: : ±2ppm -30°to +60°C 
  • Control outputs: three separately controlled open-collector switching transistors able to sink up to 50 mA to ground on circuits up to 15Vdc. External solid state relays can be controlled for high current loads.
  • Antenna connector: RCA jack on pcb (50 ohms).  Can be extended to a jack on your cabinet.  See accessories for mating plug and cable.
  • Audio output: receiver has an FM detector for optimum carrier detection, so you can connect a speaker to listen for activity or interference, but it does not detect AM audio used by aircraft.
  • Power and control connections: solder terminals on pc board
  • Size: 4 in wide, 3 in deep, 1.25 in high.
  • Operating Power: +13.6Vdc +-10% at approx. 50mA
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lb. 


R123 Receiver PCB Module, wired/tested.... $349.00

Some retuning is necessary when changing frequencies. Please specify frequency desired and we will align it for you. 


A95 Solid State Relay to switch 115-240Vac up to 10Amp  $29.50
Tuning Tool.  Hex tool used for alignment...$6.00
RF plug & cable to connect to board.
A40 115VAC/12Vdc Power Adapter to power this unit ...$10.00

Download the complete instruction manual here to see complete details on what is required for installation.