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R306 UHF FM Receiver


Features include:

  • Factory programmed frequency
  • Low noise synthesizer for repeater service.
  • Commercial grade tcxo for tight frequency  accuracy in wide range of environmental  conditions:  2ppm -30 to +60°C.
  • In stock for same day shipping.

The R306 UHF FM Receiver is a tough, commercial-grade, receiver which answers the need for the most demanding applications.  It has very good sensitivity and selectivity.  It is ideal for voice operation in repeaters and voice links. Used with our data demodulators, it makes a handy link for computer controlled equipment or a reliable telemetry link in place of expensive phone lines.

Our new uhf receiver proudly combines the best features of its highly acclaimed predecessors, and it allows us to program the frequency at the factory without waiting weeks for channel crystals!  We program the channel frequency with a computer before it is tested.

This new receiver proudly combines the best features of its highly acclaimed predecessors.  There are two differences between the R306 and its predecessor, the R305.  The volume and squelch controls are trim pots on the board rather than panel mounted pots.  Most customers find this provides easier mounting and keeps controls away from prying hands.  The synthesizer uses a microcontroller which has the frequency directly programmed into it at the factory so there are no dip switches to deal with.  For those applications requiring more than one frequency, we can actually program in up to four channel frequencies which can be selected by jumpers on the board or an external switch.

There are some jobs a transceiver grade receiver just can't do, at least not well. That's where reliable Hamtronics® commercial quality receivers come in!

The R305 retains all of the popular features Hamtronics® receivers have been noted for.  It uses triple-tuned circuits in the front end and excellent crystal and ceramic filters in the i-f with steep skirts for close channel spacing or repeater operation. The i-f selectivity, for instance, is down over 100dB at ±12 kHz away from the carrier, which is 40-50 dB better than most transceivers. Low noise fet's in the front end provide good overload resistance and 0.15µV sensitivity. You won't need a preamp with this receiver!

By careful engineering and economies of scale, we were even able to keep the price about the same as crystal controlled receivers sold for, even years ago!  Since the unit uses a tcxo with 2ppm stability, no crystal oven is needed to get good stability.  That actually saves cost over an equivalent crystal controlled model.

The R306 is our 9th generation uhf fm receiver, and it packs in features you've told us are important to you during our 45+ years of designing receivers. It's up to the difficult jobs you've told us you have.  It features a positive-acting, wide-range squelch circuit and additional output terminals for low-level squelched audio and discriminator audio as well as COS.

Able to hear weak signals, resistant to intermod, desense, and adjacent channel interference, easy to interface.  Isn't that what you need for your demanding applications? 


  • Frequency Ranges:   can be supplied from 400 - 470 MHz
    (other ranges may be possible on special order)
  • Frequency Stability: ±2ppm over a temperature range of -30°C to +60°C.
  • Sensitivity (12dB SINAD): 0.2µV
  • Squelch Sensitivity: 0.15µV
  • Modulation Acceptance: ±7.5 kHz
  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ±6kHz at -3dB, ±12 kHz at -100dB!  (Narrower or wider bandwidth available on request)
  • IF Filters: 8 pole 10.7 MHz crystal filter plus 455 kHz ceramic filter.
  • Audio Output: 1 Watt (8 ohms).
  • Operating Power: +13.6Vdc at 38-200 mA, depending on audio level.
  • Size: 4 in. W x 2-1/2 in. D
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lb.


R306 Factory Built Receivers ... $229.00

Note:  Please specify the frequency you want to operate on so we can tune the unit for you.)

Narrowband Filter Option: for applications using 2.5kHz deviation instead of 5kHz .... $30.00

Tuning Tool.  Hex tool used for alignment...$6.00
RF plug & cable to connect to board.
A40 115VAC/12Vdc Power Adapter to power this unit ...$10.00