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Special Web Sale


Save a bunch on these limited time specials.

Some of these are one of a kind offers;
so if you see something, grab it before they are gone!

A96 Slug-tuned Coils.

5 each 2-1/2 turn and 6-1/2 turn coil as used in our kits.  6-1/2 turn blue coil good for frequencies up to 100 MHz.  2-1/2 turn red coil good for frequencies up to 300 MHz. Stock up for future projects.  Also source of spare tuning slugs for other coils.  Use with A28 alignment tool.  Sorry, shields are not available.   ....$3.00

A31 Ferrite Bead.

Prestrung on #22 bus wire. Double-length beads good for vhf and uhf.  .....10/$2, 100/$5, 500/$10,reel of 8000 $50

Ferrite Bead

A35 Super Grab Bag.

If you are a builder, here is a deal you can't overlook!  We offer a grab bag with a generous assortment of many of the small parts shown on this page and even items not shown here.  You will get a variety of parts worth up to $50.  The latest batch we made up contains pc boards, crystals, rf coils, powdered iron coil cores, crystal sockets, heatsinks, ferrite beads, led's, rf chokes, 20-turn pots, resistors, ic sockets, toggle switches, sheilds, and more.  Click on thumbnail to enlarge photo.  Note that contents vary depending on what parts we have in excess at any given time, so they will not be exactly as shown in the photo.

Quantities are limited; so hurry to take advantage of this one-time offer.  Those who work in electronics plants often have opportunities to buy left over parts.  Here's your chance to do the same.  Clearance special, only $10 while supply lasts.

A36 Crystal Sockets.

Oops!  We overbought.  Well, we had to because the mfr had a minimum run to stamp these special parts for us.  Our loss, your gain!  These are the sockets we use on pc boards for crystals to plug into.  They can also be used as handy solder terminals to connect wires to pc boards.  They snap in a 0.070 " dia hole and are then soldered to the board. 

So here's the deal.  If you can use some, we're glad to help out.  Retailing for 10 cents each, we can sell them to you for your projects for $5/100, or if you can use a large qty, just $100 for a reel of 18,000 (that's just a little over 1/2 cent each).

A44 Solder-in Feedthrough Capacitor.

.001uF, good for vhf and uhf.  Mount by soldering in 1/8" dia. hole in metal shield or pc board.  Solder #22 bus wire lead in center hole.  Clearance priced at only 10/$5

A54 RF Choke.

0.33 H, axial leads, about the size of a 1/2W resistor. Good for vhf circuit decoupling up to 230 MHz.   
......5/$2, 50/$10, or 1000/$50


K0004 Reed Relays.

5Vdc reed relays as used in our repeaters.  Handy for switching audio and low level power signals.  Remind us to let you know pin out.  (bin stk)  ....4/$2

A37 Variable Capacitor Kit.

Nice assortment of ceramic variable capacitors as we use in our units.  5 each of  4.5pf (white ceramic case),  30pf (green plastic), 50pf (brown plastic) ....$8

(Note: photo is out of date regarding colors)

TIP-30 Power Transistor.

1 amp PNP switching transistor.  Useful for many functions.  We use them to turn exciter power on and off.  See COR-3 manual for suggested circuit.  ....5/$2

7805 Voltage Regulator IC.

Standard 3 pin regulator, 5Vdc output, 1 amp capacity.   ....3/$2

Trim Pots.

Horizontal pcb mount cermet trim pots.  Choose either 1K or 1 Megohm value.  ....10/$2

78L12 Voltage Regulator IC.

12Vdc, 100mA 3-terminal regulator.   ....3/$2

 Also, see many similar parts in our catalog page for Accessories.