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T302 VHF FM Exciter

No more waiting for crystals! 


High quality nbfm and fsk operation on 144-148 MHz (and 138-144 and 148-174 MHz bands for export and govt services) or 216-230MHz bands.

Features include:

  • Exceptional modulation for voice and ctcss.
  • Very low noise synthesizer for repeater service.
  • Commercial grade tcxo for tight frequency accuracy in wide range of environmental conditions:  2ppm -30 to +60C.
  • Up to four frequencies can be selected.
  • In stock for same day shipping.

The T302 VHF FM Exciter is a  tough, commercial-grade, low power transmitter which answers the need for the most demanding applications.  It is ideal for voice operation in repeaters and voice links.

You can rely on our transmitter and receiver modules for your project.  If you have any questions, send us an email.  We'll be glad to work with you and suggest cost effective solutions.


  • RF Output (50 ohms)
         138-174MHz: 2 - 3W continuous duty
         215-230MHz: 1.5 - 2W continuous duty
  • Frequency Ranges:
    • T302-1:  138.000 - 144.000 MHz
    • T302-2:  144.000 - 154.235 MHz
    • T302-3:  154.200 - 164.435 MHz
    • T302-4:  164.400 - 174.635 MHz
    • T302-5:  216.000 - 220.000 MHz
    • T302-6:  220.000 - 230.235 MHz
  • Up to four frequencies can be programmed in the micro and selected by jumpers on the board.  See manual for details.
  • Frequency Stability:  2ppm over a temperature range of -30C to +60C.
  • Modulation:  true frequency modulation
  • Deviation: adjustable, up to 10 kHz
  • Harmonics: lower than -58dB
  • Sideband noise at repeater spacing: less than -80dB
  • Other spurious: lower than -65dB (less than -70dB with careful adjustment)
  • Audio Input: 40 mV p-p min. into 1K load
  • Pre-emphasis: +6dB/octave up to 3000Hz;
  • -12dB/octave above 3000Hz
  • Operating Voltage: +13.6Vdc
  • Operating Current: 550 mA @ 3W out
  • Operating Current, Synthesizer only:  30 mA
  • Size: 3 x 5 in.
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lb.


T302 Factory Built Exciter ... $259.00**

** Note:  Some retuning is necessary when changing frequencies.  Please specify the frequency you want to operate on so we can tune the unit for you before shipping.

Tuning Tool.  Hex tool used for alignment...$6.00
RF plug & cable to connect to board.
A40 115VAC/12Vdc Power Adapter to power this unit ...$10.00

Note: This unit is not FCC type accepted for commercial service in the U.S.